How Dare to Change Therapies started


I had wanted to develop a private practice for a long time, but own personal experience of TRTP was the catalyst that led me to create Dare to Change Therapies. I wanted the name of my private practice to reflect the journey of self-discovery that I was on and describe the feeling of going on a deep dive into the self. I was daring myself to change my life in huge ways, and I wanted to encourage my clients to do the same.


But let's start at the beginning.

At 18 I moved to London and then spent my 20s travelling the world. I wanted to experience as much of the world as possible, leading me to volunteer in Thailand and Cambodia which helped me discover my passion for helping others.

I completed my Diploma of Counselling in 2013 and left the corporate sector, I then moved into the world of community mental health and working with people experiencing severe mental illness. This role taught me so much and led me onto working in the family violence sector, specialising in working with women and children who were fleeing family violence. I was privileged to work with so many amazing colleagues and clients and I learnt an incredible amount about risk assessment, trauma, research, teaching and gender equity. My time working in family violence also taught me so much about myself, my limitations and what I need in order to look after my own wellbeing.


Sadly, like so many other practitioners, I experienced vicarious trauma which eventually led to issues with my mental health and experiencing burn-out, resulting in me leaving the sector. My experience of vicarious trauma has taken me on a journey to explore my wellbeing needs and to recover, and it has made me very passionate about supporting other workers who have experienced vicarious trauma by offering TRTP and Counselling services.


The next part of the expansion of Dare to Change Therapies happened unexpectedly. I turned to energy healing, hiking, forest bathing, connecting with nature and sound healing when I was on my own recovery journey. TRTP and therapy also played key roles, but as a deeply spiritual soul, it was like these other modalities found me and inspired me. I was a singer/songwriter from aged 15 to my late 20s so music has always been a huge part of my life, and after experiencing such profound healing from sound healing myself, it felt so natural to birth my first medicine drum and buy my first Native American flute. The idea to combine sound healing with hiking and forest bathing was an intuitive one, I felt that my innate passion for these elements was assisted by the universe and Sound Medicine Hikes were born and involve taking groups out into the bush to experience guided forest bathing, nature meditation and connection, combined with sound healing. Six months later, I was thrilled to be introduced to plant music from Music of the Plants, and it felt like finding this device was a final piece of the puzzle, ultimately combining sound and nature. I went on to create Mother Earth Sound Medicine as a way to offer indoor forest bathing with sound healing and a place where plant music can be the star. I love being able to help people re-connect with Mother Earth and experience the healing powers of forest-bathing and sound.


How my integrated approach works


I offer a unique integrated approach of grounded spirituality and trauma-informed practice.


If you come to me for TRTP or Counselling, rest assured that you will be benefiting from my clinical experience but also my holistic approach. I am deeply spiritual which helps to ground me as a practitioner, but as I utilise solution-focused and client-centred therapeutic approaches, I am essentially led by you and what you need in your sessions. This means that I can align with you on your spiritual level, or if you’re not spiritual it is simply never included in our sessions; this is always determined by you and what you need.


If you come to any of my workshops, sound healings or Sound Energy Healing sessions, you can be assured that I use a trauma-informed approach and my experience as a family violence trainer means I can facilitate and hold a safe space for everyone. You will see my passion for ecotherapy, nature connection and sound healing – but know that as the long-haired hippy (me!) asks you to hug a tree, you are also going to learn about the environment, how trees communicate and the scientific basis of forest-bathing too.


What makes me qualified to work with you


  • Dip. of Counselling

  • Certified TRTP Practitioner

  • Reiki II - Practitioner

  • Level I Practitioner Training - Medicine of Sound

  • Current Victorian Working With Children Check and expert knowledge of the Victorian Child Safe Standards

  • Licenced Tour Operator with Parks Victoria

  • Qualified First Aider

  • Extensive training and experience in family violence response, risk assessment, mental health, suicide response & prevention, trauma, vicarious trauma, wellbeing and self-care planning, sustainable workplace wellbeing practices and training/facilitation


How my life-learnings have informed my practice


A friend introduced me to this quote which was so enlightening for me, "Speak from your scars, not your wounds." – Jarred McKenna. 


I am a therapist and healer with lived experience of trauma and mental illness. The experience of my recovery has deepened my empathic skills as I too know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, lost and in emotional pain. I am now in a place on my recovery journey where I can help others which I am deeply passionate about. Whilst my scars help to enrich my practice and knowledge, I am here to hold space and to help you.


During your therapeutic journey I commit to walking alongside you, collaborating with you to empower you, helping you to find your direction and to achieve your dreams. I commit to helping you rediscover your passion for life and of course, dare to change.