Mother Earth Sound Medicine

Nestled within a cozy studio, yoga mats will surround an altar for Mother Nature, consisting of native flowers, stones, crystals and seed pods, arranged in a grid to ask for her to share her powerful energy for the evening.

Low lights and candles light your way to your yoga mat that surrounds the altar, where you are encouraged to lie down with pillows and blankets, ready to receive the healing sound medicine. Forest sounds guide you to begin connecting with Mother Earth as you make yourself comfortable.

The plant music will begin now, using a device called Music of the Plants which connects to the roots and leaves of the plant, picking up it's electromagnetic frequencies and translates them into soothing sounds. This music will help you to connect deeper with nature and hear the plant's song.

You will now be taken on a meditation journey through different natural landscapes and meeting different animal spirits by tapping into the imagination using powerful imagery. Sound medicine is woven throughout, you will experience the healing of Native American flutes, drums, rattles, ocarinas, chimes, rainstick and vocals, including vocal toning with the plant you are listening to.

You then return back to the space feeling refreshed, relaxed and more connected with Mother Nature.

That was a description of what to expect at a Mother Earth Sound Medicine event.


The idea was born from my other offerings Sound Medicine Hikes and Sound Energy Healings, which both use the principles of 'Shinrin-Yoku', the Japanese term for 'forest bathing' and are infused with healing sound medicine. During the 2020 lockdown I experimented with offering a meditation journey in nature, virtual forest bathing, where people were guided to use their imagination to experience a connection with nature. That concept is now fused with beautiful plant music and sound healing to create Mother Earth Sound Medicine. 

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