Sound Energy Healing
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Sound Energy Healing is a unique combination of Sound Healing and reiki; infused with elements of ecotherapy and shamanic practice. The healing vibrations of the instruments which are tuned to strategic frequencies for helping to improve physical and mental health, whilst the gentle energy of reiki helps to promote stress reduction, increase energy levels, relaxation and overall wellbeing; and the inclusion of tailored ecotherapy, plant music and shamanic practice means that every session is intuitive to your needs.

What to expect in a session 

A face to face session will start with a brief chat about what you need help with, then the healing takes place whilst you lie down and I use my skills and intuition to produce sound vibrations using shamanic and djembe drums, shamanic rattle, chakra chimes, crystal bowls, Native American flute, kalimba, rainstick and vocal channelling. At times I will channel reiki energy, and using my hands either directly on the body or hovering just above, you will feel a sensation of warmth as the energy is used to heal; all whilst taking you on a meditation journey using the imagery of natural landscapes to connect you with nature, along with plant music and animal spirit. 

A distance session will take place over Zoom, in which you can expect the same results as a face to face healing. You will need a device that can support Zoom with a steady internet connection, and you will need either good quality speakers or headphones to enhance your listening and healing experience. The availability of distance healing means that this beautiful practice is accessible to you if you live interstate or even overseas. 

After the session - Integration 

Some people may experience significant shifts during their session, or they may occur after the session. It’s important after a session to focus on self-care as the mind and body will be integrating the healing over a period of time, this could be days or even up to a week or so. Everyone is different and their experience unique, so it’s important to be kind to yourself and always reach out with any questions. 

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Sound Medicine Hikes and Mother Earth Sound Medicine events are also a great way to experience a taste of sound healing and forest bathing, head to the Upcoming Events tab to book your spot xo

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