Sound Medicine Hikes

Imagine being guided on a slow meditative walk through the bush or a forest. Your eyes take in the stunning grey gum trees that surround you, contrasting against the blue-sky peeking through; you can smell the grounding scent of eucalyptus while you hold that familiar pale green leaf in your hand, and a nearby lyre bird treats your ears to a symphony of beautiful calls. 

You stop to meditate in the nature around you, feeling the earth below and acknowledge all of the life forms that are existing and working together. A deep sense of peace washes over you as you breathe the air that has been purified by the trees next to you. 

After another slow and mindful walk, you stop and lie down to take in the view of the canopy of trees and sky above you. You close your eyes as you are guided into a meditative state, and the bird calls provide the perfect backdrop to the sound healing instruments. You are now immersed in an incredible combination of healing vibrations, sounds and nature and you emerge back into the world feeling rested, peaceful and grounded. 

I have just described what you would experience at a Sound Medicine Hike. I have combined Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese art of forest bathing, that is proven to lower blood pressure and anxiety levels with sound healing; the ancient practice of using the vibrations of particular instruments to help heal and soothe. Both of these practices can help ease symptoms for those with mental health issues and assist people wanting to relax. 

I facilitate Sound Medicine Hikes in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria and each hike varies in length and difficulty, ranging from just a few kilometres on flat ground, to longer hikes up to fifteen kilometres that have an extra component of more movement and exercise. I also offer private hikes for group bookings, please refer to the Services tab for information on how to book. 

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Please reach out to me with any questions and I hope to meet you on the next hike xo 

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Andrew Hill Loop, Kinglake National Park